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  Read what some of our patients have said about their experience at Kruyer Dental!!
I love Dr Kruyer and her wonderful staff! The office is always bright and clean. Flat screens on every chair! I have serious dental issues and have lived in 5 states and seen at least 10 dentists. Dr Kruyer is miles above them all! She is friendly, gentle and does amazing crowns. My whole family goes to her. Love Kruyer Dental!!

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completely stress free - the best thing ever - i have never had such a great experience with a dentist in my life

Sara S.

"I actually fell asleep in the chair. That has NEVER happened to me before"


"This was the first time I have ever left a dentist's office without crying"


"I never knew how bad my teeth were until now. People who have known me for years are telling me how AMAZING my smile looks!"


"I have wanted to get veneers for years, but I never felt confident in getting them, until now"


"I actually look forward to coming to the dentist!"


"I used to put my hand in front of my mouth every time I smiled." "I have never been so confident in myself as I am now. THANKS!!!"


"I have to stop myself from covering my mouth when I smile" "Everyone comments on how great my teeth look"


today, due to extreme tooth pain which kept me up all night, early morning I desperately googled the web for a dentist in Las Vegas (I live in N.C.) I am in Vegas attending a conference and needed immediate care. I was blessed to have found your practice. I called your office and, as I explained my critical situation, I was told to come in as soon as possible. I was greeted with great and beautiful smiles from your staff and was pleased and relieved to see such professionalism and efficiency in every aspect of my treatment. The outcome, a difficult tooth extraction for which you dedicated almost two hours. Your intervention was so great that hardly any pain was experienced during the procedure and the result, hardly any pain experienced after the anesthesia wor out. I have experienced more pain after getting my teeth cleaned than after this procedure. You are a ture artist in your field. I really feel that I was blessed to have found you today and have great respect for all you did for me. On another note I am also very proud of you when I found out you served in Iraq. Thank You and thank your beautiful staff and your husband for being so friendly, patient and professional with me. I have the out most respect for you and will definitely let anyone know about your practice.

C. Espinosa
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Since the age of 22 I have had a terrible fear of dentists thanks to a very bad experience with an extraction. Because of that experience I have dreaded going to the dentist. Every dentist I have gone to neither the dentist nor their personnel had taken the time to tell me what was going to be done and to calm me down before the procedure because of my fear. Dr Kruyer and her staff took the time to explain everything that would be done from A to Z and calmed me down before the procedure started. After having seven teeth extracted in one day, it is the first time since the age of 22 that I have been comfortable in a dentist's chair. I would recommend Dr Kruyer to anyone with or without fear the next time they need a dentist. There is no better in my opinion. My thanks and appreciation to you and your staff for a great experience.

T. Morris

You probably don't get this very often, but thank you for the root canals! You are one of the best (and nicest) dentists I have met. You did an amazing job and I'm not in any pain. It's not nearly as scary as i thought it would be! I truly apprciate everything you have done.

AmberLynn L.

If this was the dentist I had as a kid, I would have zero fears of the dentist. Uou guys are wonderful!

Patty R.

As you know I would rather walk on needles than to go and see the Dentist, in the past few years you have made me feel very comfortable and your staff is always so friendly. You take the time to help me with my questions and are always able to fit me in quickly when I am in need of help. You have been very honest and always willing to go that extra mile to help me. Thank you to you and your staff for making it to where I can actually walk into your office without shaking and having panic attacks :-)

12/13/10 AGD Blind Survey Response

I felt welcome as soon as I walked up to the front desk. Everyone on the staff is like a family member and have a great sense of pride in the office. Dr. Kruyer, you have excellent people skills. You must already know your an exceptional DDS. Paul, thank you again for all your work with my 5 page FMLA form. You all ROCK!!! Cheers,

Nina H

Everyone was very friendly and very helpfull. I would recommend Kruyer Dental to anyone.

Wendy J

My name is Haymanot Mekonnen and i personaly like the service that is being provided to me as your patient. I also like the fact that it takes less time to fix my teeth rather than a long period of time like other dentists. I was incouraged to come in because of that.

Best dentist my family has ever been to.

Laura LaPorte

Friendly environment, professional care and a sense of living the "dream come true" ..... to be able to smile or laugh without being ashamed of it. Thank you.

November 7, AGD blind survey

What I like about the staff is that they are very friendly and caring for their patient. What I like about the office - very clean and organized. Thank you so much for the wonderful work and beautiful smile! Can't wait for my braces to come off! ;) THANK YOU KRUYER DENTAL!

Julian and Marysol Uribe

I rarely have to wait more than a few minutes when I arrive for my appointment.

October 24, AGD Blind survey

I think you all are wonderfull. I am very afraid of the dentist and normally do not go unless I am in pain. I now look foward to going because you all are so nice and make me feel at ease. I am still afraid lol but you make it easier!!! Thank you,

Sheri Peace

Everyone is so friendly and helpful! I am very happy with how my smile is changing with the 6 month braces as well. It is a pleasure to come in.

Tami Ayala

The staff at the office is always so friendly and they are concerned with making the appointment a very enjoyable experience no matter what you are there for.

Lori D

Never having to wait is always a plus. I enjoy the professional services I have received in the past. I'm looking forard to being treated by Dr. Kruyer for any of my dental needs. Recommendation is definitly the first thing that comes to my mind and mouth, whenever someone mentions needing to have work done. Thank You

Zerrin Branch

thanks doc! love my new smile. you are the best

They understood my nervousness and put me at ease with the entire proceedure.

AGD blind survey response 12-15-10

Ok, you are really good, I really enjoyed being at the dentist this morning!!! I have to say your office is different and make you feel at ease...You have converted me as your patient...Thanks I have a Dentist again...and needed. Also, I have to say my wife Amy was right you are outstanding. See you soon.


I was born and raised in Las Veas. Needless to say, I've been to many different dentists. I wasn't blessed with good strong teeth. I have dental insurance,unfortunately not one that Kruyer Dental accepts, but I still choose to be a patient here. Dr.Kruyer is by far the best dentist, she does the best work, everything is always perfect (just the way I like it :)) Their staff is in a whole other league from other offices. Always attentive to me and everything I need, thourough, and just sweet. Always nice. I'm never one of those people who say "I hate the dentist!" It's the exact opposite for..I love my dentist!!

Erica P.

Wonderful, caring staff who go above and beyond to make their patients feel comfortable and help bring out their best smile

AGD Survey Response

Your staff is amazing-- so friendly and patient. You have a wonderful and very comfortable office vibe. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know.

AGD Survey Response

I love the energy and and upbeat feel of the office. Everyone goes out of thier way to make sure that you feel comfortable and satisfied.

Sonny M.

You are the very best Dentist I have ever gone to, also the best staff. And I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me.

Cheri N.

First of all, Paul has answered my phone call everytime that I have called your office and I have never had to leave a message--AMAZING. Every person from start to finish is top notch in their kraft and so down to earth. It is a real family atmosphere in the office and that is truly refreshing. You are the most kind and caring team that I have ever encountered in a dental office (& I have encountered alot=) My confidence is building everyday with my new smile and I can't thank you all enough. Sincerely, Nikki and daughter Hayden who likes your sugar-free suckers =)

When I first entered Kruyer Dental, I greeted Paul Kruyer by unintentionally breaking into tears, because of an annulment I was currently going through. I felt unattractive, unwanted...and was struggling with my self-esteem. Paul took me aside, provided me with tissues, and talked with me....and lifted my spirits. I had come to Kruyer Dental needing extensive dental work, having not seen a dentist for nine years. I had done extensive research on various dental groups, and found myself actually frightened by the obvious lack of care that some groups afforded...getting my name wrong, identifying the wrong teeth on the initial workup, having dentists who came and went. After speaking with Paul Kruyer, I felt so comfortable...once I visited the office to do the first workup, I was sold...I knew I had found the best! The whole office, all the staff, project a positive and uplifting attitude, and Dr. Kruyer herself is amazing....really devoted to her patients.
Finally getting my neglected dental work done, has made such a difference! I smile all the time now, and
get so many compliments on my smile!


Everything! Reception is friendly and efficient, no long waiting period for appt., very friendly staff who remember me each visit, and best of all dr. Kruyer herself who is warm ,friendly, and for me is quick and yet delivers the highest level of care.

Louisa S

It's always clean in the waiting area and office. Everyone is always extremely polite and friendly. They are good about not having us wait, too. I have had nothing but the best service during every office visit over the past several years. You can tell that patient experience is #1 for them. Dr. Kruyer has been great with my kids and Mr. Kruyer is always kind and helpful when I have had questions.

AGD blind survey response

Everyone is very friendly. easy to talk to. they've turned an uncomfortable process into a relaxed and easy one. thanks again

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Friendly professional staff. Always on time.

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Very timely amd friendly. I love Dr. Kruyer and her office staff and recommend her to others.

Linda J.

I was in and out within a Hour.. How Wonderful.
5 out of 5!


The service was Quick and Accurate =D
5 out of 5!

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Dr. Kruyer: I like the positive vibes in your office. You are on time with appointments and always make sure I am comfortable when. Your equipment is new. The office is clean and the staff is friendly.

Patient blind Survey Response Report

The staff's are friendly. At 6:30 a.m. they meet you with a smile; makes you feel they're happy with what they do and put you at ease.
5 out of 5!

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I love the entire staff here because everyone's so friendly and it's so easy to feel comfortable and talk with all of them. They're all amazing dentists/orthodontists, genuine people and their professionalism is unbeatable. I plan on returning to Dr. Kruyer's office even after my braces are removed for regular cleanings, etc.

Jennifer Rockwell

I appreciate their understanding of my anxiety. They are very gentle and see that I feel comfortable and leave with a great looking smile.

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Always able to see that my dental work is done beautifully.

Patient blind Survey Response Report

Everyone is so friendly and good at distracting me from what is going on!

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